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"WELCOME to CoDesign Engineering LLC
Pressure vessels, heat exchangers and piping systems, with their associated supports, are vital to the safe and reliable operation at any power plant, refinery, chemical or petrochemical facility. They transport fluids that require special precautions for safe handling and are generally built to rigorous international codes and standards that govern their design, fabrication, inspection and operation.

At CoDesign Engineering, we provide training to all the stakeholders - the designers, fabricators, inspectors and the users - to provide assurance that their assets will comply with the applicable codes and standards.

The emphasis is on the codes developed by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and standards developed by Tubular Exchangers Manufacturers Association (TEMA).

Our flagship training program is a 3-day Design and Fabrication of Pressure Vessels offered at most large cities in the country. Additionally, there are programs we have designed to meet most training requirements for pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping systems and solar power plants. If you can’t find a program that suits your needs, we will design one just for you - that is our promise.

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